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I am a person who is in love with history, archaeology, different countries, cultures, language and people. With traveling around the world we are able to see places that we had a chance just to read about. I do not like just to read stories that others wrote, I like to create my own ones since "every journey tells a story". That is my advice to everyone.
Andalusia in autumn

Andalusia in autumn


Season plays an important role when we are deciding to go on a trip. Areas where there are four seasons throughout the year, in most cases travelers prefer visiting in spring or autumn because weather is cozy.

Second largest province of Spain has many things to offer to visitors. Until recently tourism has been developed in a way in which tourists can explore the city based on their preferences. If you are a camper or you prefer more bike, bus, popular segway or walking tours, you can find adjusted programs for each.

Although cities of Andalusia have similarities, each city gives special note. Some of them are Granada’s magnificent Alhambra, Córdoba’s La Mezquita and great Cathedral of Sevilla.  The greatest impact on me had natural beauty Andalusia provides and that is something words cannot explain.


Reasons to visit Andalusia are numerous and every person can have different perspective on what key things are. However, what we all agree is that it is breathtaking and worth visiting again.

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Wish you happy and safe travelling!